Danville Regional Announces New Program with Duke

September 30, 2011

On September 29, Danville Regional Medical Center officials announced an expanded relationship with Duke University Health System to formalize a comprehensive hospital patient safety and quality affiliation.

“All hospitals across the country are examining their processes and exploring initiatives to improve quality standards.  We wanted to get ahead of the national discussion by working with the renowned quality experts at Duke to take advantage of their proven approach in addressing these issues with their partner community hospitals,” said Danville Regional Chief Executive Officer Eric Deaton.

The new quality program will be modeled on integrated patient safety and quality improvement processes supported by leadership, performance improvement and culture.
“We work continuously to improve the quality of care we provide our patients.  It is because of our continuous improvement and dedication to quality that Duke was interested in working with us on this initiative,” Danville Regional Chief Medical Officer Dr. Saria Saccocio said. 

“They have confidence in our hospital and the services we provide. We believe with Duke’s affiliation, and the focus from each part of the hospital, we will take the hospital to a new level and will continue to move in the direction where we exceed all of our quality measures,” Dr. Saccocio added. 

“As a result of our discussions with Duke, one of the additions we will be making to our quality commitment is the addition of a Patient Safety Officer. This person will report to our CEO Eric Deaton with the sole focus of ensuring our patients receive quality care,” Dr. Saccocio said.

For Duke, who has worked with Danville Regional Medical Center for years with the cardiovascular team and the Danville Regional Heart Center, it’s a logical continuation of the programs in place.

“We have longstanding relationships with the physicians and hospital staff at Danville Regional and are pleased that they have voiced their support for the advancement of this new quality program,” said Dr. Harry R. Phillips, Associate Director of the Duke Heart Center and Chief Medical Officer of the Duke Heart Network.

“Over the course of our Heart Affiliation at Danville Regional, we have seen an ever increasing focus on quality resulting in measurable improvements in clinical care process measures and outcomes. We believe the leadership, the management, the board of trustees and the medical staff have a genuine commitment to continually improving quality across all services at Danville Regional, and we look forward to our expanded collaboration as an opportunity to better serve patients in the Dan River region,” Dr. Phillips said.

The expanded affiliation with Duke University Health System is an extension of the successful and unique relationship between Duke and LifePoint Hospitals.  Danville Regional is part of LifePoint Hospitals.

Earlier this year LifePoint Hospitals and Duke University Health System formed an innovative joint venture, Duke LifePoint Healthcare, to build a dynamic network of community hospitals in North Carolina and surrounding areas.  This mutually beneficial partnership brings together LifePoint’s vast experience in community-based hospital management and Duke’s world-renowned leadership in clinical service to build healthier communities. Although Danville Regional is not a Duke Lifepoint hospital, it will benefit from the joint ventures quality initiatives through the Duke Medicine Quality Affiliation program.

“We’re excited that Danville Regional Medical Center will be the first of our hospitals to benefit from this expertise, and we look forward to continuing this relationship, designed to continually enhance the quality of patient care for years to come,” said LifePoint Hospitals’ President and COO David Dill.

There will also be a visible sign of the new affiliation between Danville Regional Medical Center and Duke University Health System with the unveiling of a new logo that includes a “Duke Medicine Quality Affiliate” tagline.

“Danville Regional is working with Duke to enhance our patient safety and clinical quality which will strengthen our ability to provide ‘the right care – right here’ in Danville.  So as we entered into this expanded relationship with Duke, we decided to redesign our hospital’s look and incorporate the new Duke Quality Affiliation,” Deaton said.

“Our new logo features the dominant geographic feature of the region – the Dan River.  Its inclusion speaks to how we identify with our community, our pride in the region and our commitment to the people here. The path the river follows is symbolic of the journey of health and wellness, and the hospital and the community will travel it together.  The green and blue colors come from the richness of the region’s natural surroundings – water and lush greenery that further underscore our commitment to life, growth and the health of the region,” Deaton added.

Danville Regional is the leading medical center in the Dan River Region of Virginia and North Carolina, providing open heart surgery, spinal surgery and advanced cancer treatment.  Approximately 140 physicians are on the medical staff.  The medical center employs approximately 1,200 people.  For additional information, visit http://www.danvilleregional.com.