Logan Regional Medical Center • Logan, West Virginia

How We Partner

LifePoint works with community hospitals to improve the delivery and availability of healthcare. Our goal is to help our hospitals provide the highest quality and most expansive healthcare their communities can support.

We give community hospitals and systems the resources, services, technology and capital they need to grow and prosper. Our hospitals share access to a host of resources including clinical, operational and management experts and have more than 60 other facilities with which they can share best practices.

Partnership Models

Our partnership models are flexible.  We offer opportunities for acquisitions, joint venture agreements that include shared ownership and governance of a hospital, and long-term lease agreements.  In any partnership, LifePoint makes a lasting commitment to making the community healthier.

LifePoint Benefits

Benefits of a LifePoint partnership include:

  • Singular focus on community hospitals
  • Access to significant capital resources to invest in needed technology and services
  • Operating resources and expertise to support hospital success and improve care
  • Improved ability to recruit and retain physicians
  • Enhanced opportunities for employees
  • New tax revenues to support the community
  • Ability to create a foundation to support new programs in the community

We are dedicated to improving the access, delivery and quality of healthcare to your community. 

For additional information on partnering with LifePoint Hospitals, please contact us by phone at (615) 920-7000 or via email: LifePointPartnerships@lpnt.net.