Clark Regional Medical Center Ground Breaking   Winchester, Kentucky

Investing In Our Communities

LifePoint believes that a healthy hospital makes for a healthy community.

Our facilities across the nation are much more than hospitals. They are cornerstones of their communities. In almost every case, our hospitals serve as the only acute-care facilities in their communities. They provide jobs for hundreds of citizens and are often their region’s largest employer. They pay taxes that fund and support local governments and services. They volunteer and contribute to local charitable organizations. And they are instrumental in educating residents about healthcare issues that affect them most.

Serving Communities

LifePoint recognizes the pivotal role our hospitals play in the well-being of their communities. We support active community outreach programs, seek to understand and respond to local needs and encourage community participation. But at the center of our focus to serve our communities is a commitment to deliver new medical services and expand each hospital’s capability to provide comprehensive care.

Once a hospital partners with us, we immediately go to work for the community. The breadth, depth and scope of our resources provide our hospitals with powerful tools to achieve a level success not possible for a stand-alone facility.

Supporting Hospital Growth

LifePoint dedicates extensive capital resources to grow and improve our hospitals and the services they provide to their communities.  We target our investments to:

  • Renovate and expand our hospitals and facilities
  • Recruit and support physicians
  • Purchase new technology, such a state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment
  • Expand hospital service lines to include needed surgical, cardiology or oncology services
  • Build our hospitals’ IT infrastructures to improve patient care and service

As a result of investments such as these, each LifePoint hospital is able to attract physicians and patients and position itself as a leading healthcare provider in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Time and time again LifePoint has helped American communities prosper by helping their hospitals increase market share and become financially stronger.

For additional information on partnering with LifePoint Hospitals, please contact us at (615) 920-7000 or via email: